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2018 UHSLL Executive Council

*Elected October 7, 2017 at the Annual UHSLL General Council Meeting*


Diana Cannell (Sky View - Region 1)  - 

Trisha Gaytan (Box Elder - Region 1) -

Jeff Brzoska (Park City - Region 2) - jeff.brzoska@vegasgroupent.com

Rey Butcher (Judge Memorial - Region 2) -

Craig Morris (Waterford - Region 3)  -  

Mike Farnsworth  (Alta - Region 3) - 

Bruce Tucker (Lone Peak - Region 4) -

Sean Tuite (Wasatch - Region 4)  -


UHSLL League Structure

(direct excerpts from UHSLL policy)

5.1.1 The structure of the UHSLL is critical to the development and advancement of lacrosse in Utah. There shall not be separate divisions within the UHSLL. However, teams will be divided into Regions. Teams will play a minimum of six games against other teams within that Region each year. Opponents for these games will be determined by that team’s ranking in Lax Power relative to the ranking of the other teams in their Region. Teams must play at least 12 regular games within the UHSLL and may not play more than 20 total regular season games between the start of the season and playoffs. At the conclusion of the season, teams will be seated for playoff participation in one of three playoff divisions according to their “Region-In Ranking” from Lax Power: Division A, Division B, or Division C. Seating shall be established by each team’s Lax Power ranking. The top 16 teams will be seated in playoff Division A, the next 16 teams will be seated in playoff Division B, and the remaining teams will be seated in playoff Division C. (Click here for explanation of league assigned game schedule)

5.1.2 League alignment will be determined by the General Council at least annually with
input from coaches.

5.1.3 The General Council will re-evaluate the alignment of the League and team assignments within each Region every year during the annual meeting.


2019 UHSLL Region Alignment

Region 1: Region 2: Region 3:


Region 4:


Bonneville Bountiful Alta American Fork
Bear River Davis Bingham Corner Canyon
Box Elder East Brighton Juan Diego
Fremont Farmington Copper Hills Lone Peak
Green Canyon Judge Herriman Pleasant Grove
Logan Olympus Highland Sky Ridge
Mountain Crest Park City Jordan Spanish Fork
Northridge Skyline Riverton Timpanogos
Ridgeline Viewmont Waterford Timpview
Roy West West Jordan Wasatch
Sky View Woods Cross   Westlake


UHSLL Governance

(Click Here to View Council Rep Responsibilities)

3.1.1 Name: The UHSLL shall be governed by a General Council and an Executive Council (collectively “ the Councils”). 

3.1.2 Qualification: Members that make up the Councils shall be at least 21 years of age and shall agree to demonstrate behavior as good role models in accordance with the adopted Goals and Guiding Principles of the UHSLL, and further agree to be active participants in the role as representatives of their constituency of the UHSLL. General Council:
a. The General Council shall consist of representatives appointed to the General Council by the representative’s respective high school program board, or if there is no organized board, then by the most current coaching staff. They shall be called “General Council Members”. Only Active High School Programs (“Program”), as defined below, shall be permitted to appoint one General Council Member from its Program. Each Program shall have up to one representative that may serve on the General Council.

b. It shall be the decision of each Program to determine the term of their respective designated General Council Member’s service on the General Council. Each Program shall also determine any other criteria that shall be used for filling vacancies, and grounds for removal.
c. Once designated, each General Council Member shall provide his/her contact information to the UHSLL, and update when necessary. Executive Council:
a. Membership of the Executive Council shall be determined by the General Council Members as follows:

b. The General Council shall be divided into four geographic regions (“Regions”), (generally N, S. E. W.), of which there shall be no less than eight (8) Programs and no more than twelve (12) Programs. Each Region shall appoint two representatives to serve on the Executive Council. Executive Council members for each Region shall be determined by a majority vote of those General Council Members from that Region present at the annual meeting of the UHSLL where Executive Council Members are appointed.

c. Executive Council Members shall serve for a maximum period of one year, unless reappointed by their Region to serve for additional terms.