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Gear Rental Program

During the registration process if you would like to rent gear you will select that option.  Then you will be contacted by your local rental company who will let you know where and when their gear drops are.  Gear is rented out for one season at a time and must be returned on one of the rental return days. Once the season is over the gear must be returned cleaned and undamaged.

COST: $75 
(includes: helmet, gloves, elbow pads & shoulder pads)


Girls' Goggles - $15
If we run out of equipment and cannot rent full sets, you still must pay each piece price.

When you return your gear after the season is over you must wash it before you bring it back. All the gear except goggles and helmets may be washed in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and set out to dry. We will not be open Saturdays for return of equipment. Equipment must be returned on the specified dates.