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Youth Lacrosse Spring Season General Info:


Registration Opens Beginning of January
Practices Start Beginning of March
Games Start 1st week of April
Games End (regular season) End of May 
Post-Season (playoffs/all-star games) Last Week of May

*All teams get 8 games played primarily on Saturday's (1-2 weeknight games)*








Spring is the primary season for lacrosse, and that is why the Intermountain Lacrosse Youth League offers an extended season, a multi-division structure, and playoffs during its spring seasons. All teams in the Intermountain Lacrosse Youth Leagues play an 8 game regular season, with the possibility to extend their season into the playoffs! (more details on league specific post-season play below). Games will primarily take place on Saturdays between 9:00 PM and 4:00 PM, with the exception of 1-2 weeknight games in the final two weeks of the season. At the Junior and Thunder levels teams are NOT ALLOWED to practice more than 3 times per week (7 day span), and a single practice may not exceed 2 hours. At the Lightning and Storm levels teams are NOT ALLOWED to practice more than 2 times per week.

*Practice times, dates, locations, and schedules are the responsibility of each individual program and coach* 

*ALL game scheduling is created and distributed by the Intermountain Lacrosse Staff *


League Breakdown:

The Intermountain Lacrosse Youth Leagues are grade based leagues, meaning the appropriate league a player is eligible to play for in a given season is determined by what grade the player is enrolled in during that season, and not determined by a players age. The breakdown of the leagues are as follows for both boys and girls:

Junior League: All players enrolled in the 7th or 8th grade.

Thunder League: All players enrolled in the 5th and 6th grade. 

Lightning League: All players enrolled in the 3rd and 4th grade.

Storm League: All players enrolled in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.


Junior & Thunder Leagues: These two leagues are further divided into 3 separate divisions for boys, 2 for girls. This has been done to provide a more diverse array of lacrosse opportunities more specific to all  players, of all skill levels and experiences. Coaches are to assess the skill level of their team(s) and notify the league of which of the three divisions their team should be placed in, in accordance with league policies. Programs with more than 1 team (minimum 16 players per team) at the Junior & Thunder age group will decide how their players are divided amongst each of their teams based on which division they will participate in (see below for more details on each division). 

Storm & Lightning Leagues: At these age groups there is one single division. For those programs with enough players to field more than one team are asked to disperse the talent of their players equally amongst their teams. There are currently no playoffs offered at these age groups as the primary focus of these leagues is to teach the game, develop the players, and of course have fun!

*NEW Spring 2017*

Begining Spring of 2017 IMLAX will be adjusting the Storm and Lightning gameplay format to coincide with the new Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) recomendations set forth by US Lacrosse focused on teaching players proper skills at the proper age to help players develop & promote a better playing experience with the goal to encourage life long lacrosse participation!

If you are interested in learning more about the LADM rules, structure, and guiding principles (click here)

For spring 2017 IMLAX Storm and Lightning rules overview and field layouts (click here)



Division (I, II, II) Descriptions:

  • Division I:  The most competitive of the 3 divisions, and contains playoffs and championship. Teams are largely comprised of, but not limited to, those players who are the most dedicated, hardest working, most experienced (1-2+ years), strong stick skills and exhibit excelled athleticism. 

*Generally most travel required for those teams in this division*

  • Division II: Competitive division containing playoffs and championship. Teams are largely comprised of dedicated, hardworking, developing players with good stick skills who are relatively new to the sport with little, and sometimes no, lacrosse experience.


  • Division III (boys only): Developmental division with limited playoffs  and championship, Teams are largely comprised of dedicated and hardworking players generally brand new to the sport. Coaches emphasize teaching core fundamentals of the sport from throwing and catching to the rules of the game. 


*Getting better, learning, and having fun! are the central components for EVERY LEAGUE




Post Season Play:

*Standings are calculated by 1) win percentage 2) head-to-head winner 3) goals against*

  • Junior League
    • Division I:
      • Boys - Top 6 teams eligible for playoffs. 
      • Girls - Top 8 teams eligible for playoffs (4 north, 4 south)
    • Division II:
      • Boys - Top 8 teams eligible for playoffs.
      • Girls -Top 8 teams eligible for playoffs (4 north, 4 south)
    • Division III:
      • Boys - Top 4 teams eligible for playoffs (new spring 2016!)
      • Girls - *No DIII Girls Division*


  • Thunder League
    • Division I:
      • Boys -Top 6 teams eligible for playoffs. 
      • Girls - *All-star game*
    • Division II:
      • Boys - Top 8 teams eligible for playoffs.
      • Girls - *All-star game*
    • Division III:
      • Boys - All-Star game in which coaches of all DIII teams select their best and most improved players to attend. 
      • Girls - *No DIII Girls Division*
  • Lightning League
    •  All-Star game in which coaches of all teams select their best and most improved players to attend. 
  • Storm League
    • No Post-season play