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Each team is required to have a certified statistician taking STATS at each game. To become a certified Statistician you must Pass the 2018 STATS test below. If you have passed the test in 2016 or 2017 you are not required to re-take the 2018 test, your certification still stands. With any questions on qualified statisticians please email

RESOURCES * will be updated with 2019 presentation asap


You must take the online test and pass it because only statisticians who pass the online test are recorded on the Certified Statistician list that each team is required to have at the score table for each league game.
This is an open-book test and passing score is 90%.  Resources include but are not limited to: Statisticians Manuals, Stats Training Presentation, NFHS Rule Book (boys), US Lacrosse Rule Book (girls), Cheat Sheet, Timer/Scorer duties, etc.

Online test instructions: When you submit your answers online, the test is immediately graded and a “TEST RESULT” web page opens with your score. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WEB PAGE! (In some browsers a large gray area appears - scroll down to view your results).

1. The test result page will tell you if you passed or not (you may safely ignore if it says your name, email or team responses are incorrect).
2. If you passed, congratulations! Check your email to make sure you got your confirmation – this confirmation email means you have been added to the ULA Certified Statisticians list. You may now close the test result web page and you’re done.
3. If you did not pass the test, the test results page gives you the correct answers. Copy the correct answers and save it to notepad. 4. Click on the "edit submission" button in the upper right corner of the test results web page to re-submit your corrected answers online. 
**Confirmation emails are sent only when you pass the online test. **

Best of luck and have fun. Well the test isn’t much fun, but when you get out on the field supporting our players, it’s a blast. We greatly appreciate your willingness and dedicated efforts on their behalf. If you have a question or comment regarding the test, please send an email to