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The Utah Lacrosse Association is volunteer driven! Parents play a wonderful role in the development and support of the sport of lacrosse. We have several resources available for parents to better understand the sport of lacrosse as played by both boys and girls and the Utah Lacrosse Association.


 What resources are available for new parents/players?

 US Lacrosse has produced a wonderful parent guide that outlines the sport. This document is available on-line for free. There is also a handbook for Boys Youth and Girls Youth lacrosse. 

 For new youth players, the ULA does offer an equipment rental program. This can help off-set the initial expenses associated  with the sport. Equipment is limited, so it is available on a first come, first serve basis on specific rental days. More  information can be found under our "Equipment Rental Tab" on the left-hand menu. 


Would you like to learn a little more about the sport of lacrosse? CLICK HERE for more information about this aweomse sport!

 Are there scholarships available?
Yes, the Utah Lacrosse Association provides a limited number of scholarships to players in need in each of our leagues. The online form must be completed and submitted to the ULA office. These forms are listed under the "Online Form" section of either the girls or boys top tab. This scholarship does not cover your US Lacrosse  membership.  Individual teams may offer scholarships to cover team dues/fees. Please contact your coach for additional  information. 


How do I register my son/daughter for lacrosse?

Registration for lacrosse is available on-line on our site for all of our leagues and events. Please select the appropriate league/age group that applies to the player. 

After I register, how will I find out about practices and games?
It is the coaches responsibility to determine the practice schedule and location. They should then contact their roster and communicate this information. If you have not heard from your coach, please select the team page and contact the coach directly.

Games schedules are produced by volunteers on the youth council. In order to allow more kids the opportunity to play, registration remains open till a week before the start of games. However, this may mean that the schedule won't be released until the week of the first game due to last minute team splits and combinations. We appreciate your patience!

What team/program should I register for? 

The boys and girls youth leagues teams/programs largely stem down through the affiliated high school lacrosse programs. Players are to register, and eligible to play, for the team/program that corresponds to the public high school boundaries in which they live. If your school/area does not have a lacrosse program players are then placed on the next closest team/program in the league. You may contact the office if you have questions about the next closest program, and/or visit the "team pages" section of the website to view all of the current teams/programs in each league (use the 3 dropdown menus to select (1) season (2) league/age-group (3)team/program)

US Lacrosse Membership: ALL players must have a current and valid US Lacrosse membership in order to participate in any league activities (practice and/or games). These are 1 year memberships that act as secondary insurance for any injuries incurred during team lacrosse activities. A palyers membership may not expire until after the end date of any given season. Note: membership includes a 12 month, monthly, subscription to Lacrosse Magazine

Why does my son/daughter need to be a US Lacrosse member?

US Lacrosse is the governing body of the sport of lacrosse. This organization is a non-profit that works to develop the sport all over the US and the world. As a member, you receive:
1) Insurance coverage on-field at practice and games. Bollinger Insurance covers all members of US Lacrosse. The ULA requires that all players have this coverage.
2) Access to lacrosse resources. You will receive the US Lacrosse magazine and have access to other lacrosse resources.
3) As a US Lacrosse member, you are also a member of the local chapter, the ULA, and are eligible for clinics, national teams, trainings and other events that are only available to members.
4) Members receive a 10% discount at the US Lacrosse on-line store.
5) Free admission to the US Lacrosse Museum and Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
6) Other member discounts 
7) You are officially part of the lacrosse family as it grows and develops!!

Please visit the appropriate league page ( i.e. winter league, high school, youth) for more information.